Dynamic Consciousness Coaching strives to ignite the potential latently available in each and every individual. By building lasting partnerships with my clients I achieve the creation of sustainable and lasting positive change.

Being a certified Consciousness Coach®, a certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach and holding a qualification in Professional Consciousness Coaching® I am able to create a space in which my client can recognise and explore possibilities, allowing us to achieve far-reaching results. In all instances such results exceed the boundaries of what the client thought was possible.

The following solutions are tailormade and structured to the specific clients’ needs on a case-by- case basis:

 Leadership coaching
 Executive coaching
 Individual coaching
 Team coaching


The Coaching Process:

Coaching is a powerful and dynamic interaction between coach and client exploring and integrating core principles such as integrity, commitment, clarity and vision to make the most powerful and creative choices available. The coach works with the client to expand awareness, illuminate new levels of possibility, consciously choose what serves them best and put into action the most powerful strategies to achieve those goals. The outcomes are client-driven, and goals are tangibly defined at a point in time and space, measurable to client and coach.

Coaching builds on talents and develops personal and work-related abilities relating to emotional intelligence, internal motivation, powerful leadership abilities, capacity building, interpersonal skills, change/transition-responsiveness and fullest expression of each individual’s skills in such a way that performance is measurably and significantly improved. As coaching is individually defined, the client has the benefit of a coach dedicated to the development of his/her best possible performance/emotional abilities, so that these skills are translated into organisational productivity and are also ready to be transferred to subordinates and colleagues.

The purpose is to facilitate new awareness, greater commitment, responsibility, and action strategies for those goals identified by the client as best supporting them in attaining their greatest level of personal leadership performance.

The effect of a client employee undergoing individual coaching is exponential. Individual successes are compacted and build on each other, and result in a team which is better performing, more strategically aligned and higher achieving.

Our coaching model:

Consciousness Coaching® is an advanced methodology of coaching that creates shifts in the client’s consciousness. The Consciousness Coaching® model is agile, as to address themes as directed by the client, and introduce different Awareness Creations and tools as the coaching process unfolds. This component makes the individual aware of areas that are beyond normal human consciousness, a whole dimension that most people simply aren’t even aware that they don’t know about. Real breakthroughs happen in the material world when your thinking expands to embrace possibilities that are outside of the “box” of conventional consciousness. When standard coaching practice is merged with the highly developed Awareness Creation process, we move into the limitless realm of Consciousness Coaching®.

The above process forms the basis of the following coaching services:

- Business Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- Career Coaching
- Team Coaching
- Performance Coaching
- Leadership Skills Coaching
- Social Skills Coaching
- Life Coaching