I am Christine Steyn, the founder and director of Dynamic Consciousness Coaching.

16 Years of managing people and providing operational support in the corporate financial industry has kept me very busy. During this time, I have provided hundreds of hours of workplace coaching and mentoring for new recruits, learners on accredited learnership programmes, newly promoted staff members who needed to step into their new responsibilities as well as small business owners and their staff members.

I am proud to introduce myself as a Certified  Consciousness Coach® and a Certified Conversational Intelligence ® Coach.  The foundation of my skills is my degree in Psychology and Communication, and a diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.  These qualifications provide me with the framework required to implement coaching and mentorship programmes for individuals and teams by means of which positive change and sustainable growth can be achieved.  I also believe that meaningful conversation is a very powerful tool

My passion for taking people from “I” to “We” would not have been so successful if it was not for intensive attention to people. Once I understand the subconscious drivers inherent in the person I apply the correct techniques to bring these traits to the surface in order to act as a spark for their motivation. Bringing about this change in people is an experience that makes me thrive. Having experienced the value of consciousness coaching and mentoring on a very deep level, both personally and professionally, I receive tremendous emotional rewards from being able to facilitate the same changes for my clients.