Dynamic Consciousness Coaching strives to ignite the potential latently available in each and every individual. By building lasting partnerships with my clients I achieve the creation of sustainable and lasting positive change.

Being a certified Consciousness Coach®, a certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach and holding a qualification in Professional Consciousness Coaching® I am able to create a space in which my client can recognise and explore possibilities, allowing us to achieve far-reaching results. In all instances such results exceed the boundaries of what the client thought was possible.

The following solutions are tailormade and structured to the specific clients’ needs on a case-by- case basis:

 Organisational culture assessment
 Strengthening organisational culture
 Workplace efficiencies assessments
 Operational efficiencies assessments

Management Consulting:

Policies and Procedures: 

Assessing the policies and procedures currently in place, identifying the gaps and creating a sustainable solution for the business owner.

HR Management:

Assessing current HR practices and documentation, and creating a sustainable solution with the business owner to close any gaps.

Workplace and Operational Efficiencies Assessments:

Assessing current workflow and processes in order to identify gaps and duplication of tasks and duties, and creating a smarter workplace with the business owner.

Organisational Culture Assessment:

Assessing current culture, identify desired culture and develop strategies to achieve desired culture.

General Guidance:

General day to day planning of the business, marketing, and advertising, promotional planning, book-keeping and financial records management, general personnel and employee record and document management.