Business coaching

Performance improvement, change management, transformational goals, dealing with unproductive team relationships.Dynamic Coach specialises in performance improvement, change management, your company’s transformational goals, dealing with unproductive team relationships. I will assist in building relationships on workmates and increase business efficiency.

Dynamic Coach Pretoria offers:

 General day to day planning of the business

Marketing and advertising your company

Promotional planning

Book-keeping and financial records management

General personnel and employee record and document management

Let Dynamic Coach transform goals or dreams in a reality.

Executive coaching

  Leadership development and empowerment, as well as work- life balance.Dynamic Coach trains your company’s Executive in leadership development and empowerment, as well as work- life balance.

Executive coaching also equips you:

To carry through work In dealing with critical issues / conflict management

Development of relationships which lasts in the workplace.

Dynamic Executive Coach is there to give inspiration, motivate workers and give executive encouragement, as well as management skills among individuals with potential and existing managers. Dynamic Executive coaching revolves around short term results for example four months to give results and improvement on management.

Career coaching

Improving entrepreneurial core competencies, assisting the client to get clarity on a career path, strategy and power to make  a career change.A career coach helps you to choose certain programs, relevant studies you need to choose and enhance your career. This will help one to know how the job market in the world is. At Dynamic Coach, we have been in the job market, and help you to understand what is required.

Dynamic Coach:

Helps you identify your strengths and weakness

Helps identify how to implement the changes to enance your career and explore more life opportunities.

Team Coaching

 Team dynamics, alignment and commitment, addressing dysfunctional cultures, creating an achievable future.Team coaching / team building can be done on a work premises reducing cost.

Dynamic Coach Team Building helps:

To cultivate healthy relationships among work colleagues and create trust among workers / staff.

Helps staff to understand the different persons in the team.

We emphasise importance of working as a team to produce successful results.

Dynamic coaching will help you reflect on issues that affect your productivity and well being when it comes to your position in a team.

Performance coaching

 Moving from good to great, preparation for role changes, career changes.Performance coaching helps to train staff, sport teams or organizations aiming to improve their end results. Performance coaching will help you engage not only people’s mind, but also their hearts, which creates improvement and growth for your organization.

Leadership Skills 

Develop "Power with" skills in the place of "Power over" frame of mind, dealing with team and individual dynamics, the art of delegation and empowerment.

Learning leadership skills at Dynamic coach:

Improves motivation Creating better leadership skills to achieve better results.

Leadership character traits include, honesty, diligence, confidence, commitment and creativity. Leadership skills can evolve into risk management.

 Social Skills Coaching

 Conversational Intelligence, improving on interpersonal relationships.Social skills can help you facilitate interaction and better communication skills to help facilitate the business and inter relationships among core workers.

Life Coaching Skills

 Individuals are enabled to target all areas in life.Life coaching strategies are very important as they help one to overcome their fears, attain their goals and increase communication to the client. It is a resourceful way to learn how to approach life and its hardships and achieve your goals. Dynamic coach is there to help you ,Contact me today for a life changing session.