Dynamic Consciousness Coaching offers a partnership with you in order to maximize your personal and professional potential and that of your teams.  This is achieved through a tailor-made solution that include coaching, mentoring and management consulting. 

It is about Igniting the Potential already available.

How can you increase the performance of your teams?

How can you reach your goals?

How can you achieve the breakthrough that you work so hard to achieve?

How can you transform dysfunction into excellence?


Dynamic Consciousness Coaching offers a partnership with you where we will assess your current situation and your desired outcomes together, and create a tailor-made work or personal solution that is practically possible and sustainable to ensure that you achieve far-reaching results.


I create an environment where possibilities not yet identified are highlighted and explored.  In other words, I assist you in identifying the “blind spots” in order for you to get to your desired destination without wasting unnecessary time.


Dynamic Consciousness Coaching - Christine Steyn